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With over 70 million hits a year and 8.5 million unique users, Restaurant Guide gives your business exposure to a huge number of potential new diners. Unlike most other online 'guides', Restaurant Guide does not charge for a basic listing on our site.

However, an upgraded listing gives numerous benefits:

  • Increased visibility - 2,000+ page impressions per year on average - 500% up on a basic listing.
  • Comprehensive advertising throughout the site including homepage promotion.
  • Regional promotion - the most comprehensive site for YOUR local area with content and offers displayed by region.
  • Priority positioning in search results?

    Selected listings will appear above Featured listings and are ordered randomly not alphabetically to ensure equal promotion

  • Diners have the option of booking by phone, email or online.

We’re more than happy to renew for another year, we’ve seen significant traffic from your site and have had plenty of customers who have mentioned it.

Laura Hamilton - Chef/Proprietor - Queans Restaurant

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Bookatable customers benefit from exclusive discounts on our upgraded listings.
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“Great website and so easy to update it. Well done!”

Daniel Lindsay - World Service (Upgrade with us since 2004)

“The STRADA/ Restaurant - Guide listing continues to deliver very impressive numbers, and I’d like to extend our collaboration by a year.”

Gabriela Seir - Digital Marketing Manager - Tragus Group

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