How are restaurants selected to be on Restaurant-Guide.com?

All types of restaurants are welcome to apply to be listed on Restaurant Guide. The site includes details for restaurants across the spectrum ranging from local independent cafes to world famous Michelin star winning establishments and restaurant chains.

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What are the selection criteria?

Though we are clearly unable to visit most of the restaurants, we use every available means to check the quality of each establishment before accepting them for inclusion.

We source restaurant reviews from reputable newspapers, online and of course we still check the opinions of the major Guides.

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How do I submit a restaurant review?

To review a restaurant, simply find the restaurant you'd like to review using our search facility, then follow the link towards the bottom of the page that reads 'Have you eaten at this restaurant? If so, we'd like to hear from you', and follow the instructions.

We cannot accept any reviews that use foul language, include allegations of dishonesty or accuse a restaurant of making them ill - unless that is supported by a doctor's note and a report from the Local Environmental Health Officer.

The Editor alone decides whether or not to publish any review or comment, the decision is final.

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How do you define the cost of a meal?

Our aim is to give a reasonably accurate guide to what a meal is going to cost you and we state that Average Cost per Head is the average cost per person for a full meal, drinks, sales tax and gratuity. Obviously it is much easier when a restaurant has a fixed price carte. As always it is down to you to decide what you spend and in many places you can dine inexpensively by being selective.

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Can I recommend restaurants for inclusion?

We are always delighted to hear about good quality restaurants that have escaped our notice. Please e-mail us with fullest possible details of any that you feel we should be considering for inclusion. At the very least please include their name, address, telephone number and website address, if they have one and state why you think that they should be included.

It is also helps us maintain our standards if you keep us informed of any closures or changes in restaurants already in the Guide.

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How can I get my restaurant listed on Restaurant-Guide.com?

It is very simple to submit your restaurant for inclusion, by bringing up the form that can be accessed here and completing it, not forgetting to include a Contact Name and valid E-Mail address. This will come to us in the form of an e-mail and will then be considered for addition to the Guide. We normally respond within 48 hours.

Please do not send us details of restaurants that have not yet opened.

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Why can some restaurants not be booked online?

Some restaurants still prefer to accept bookings by telephone; however, more and more places are appreciating the convenience and benefits of accepting on-line bookings as well.

If you own/manage a restaurant and are interested in finding out more about receiving on-line bookings from us, then please click here. It's completely free to join.

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We find banners, pop-ups and pop-unders infuriating so we don't have any on Restaurant-Guide.com, perhaps that's another reason why so many people prefer our guide to other sites that are littered with various unrelated ads.

However, if your company has a restaurant related product that you would like to share with either our restaurateurs or users then we have very limited space available on our newsletters that are sent out each month. E-mail us to find out more, info@restaurant-guide.com.

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Has your question been answered?

If you still have further questions please email us on info@restaurant-guide.com .

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